Increase your score by an average of 200 points in one-day!

​​A fun, engaging, and 200 point score increasing experience for amazing students! 



We are offering free admission scholarships to our SAT Boot Camp to Stoneman Douglas students. Please see our scholarship tab. 

What's at the SAT Boot Camp?
Boost your score by an average of 200 points.

  • Expert Instruction
  • Custom Material
  • Practice Problems and Drills
  • Testing Confidence
  • Exclusive Tips & Strategies


The SAT Boot Camp gave me everything I needed to know for the SAT in one day and they also provide food. It’s was so much better than studying on my own.​  Stephanie B.

I would tell other students to take the SAT Boot Camp because you learn new ways to approach questions and how to answer them. They go step-by-step. Michael C.

The SAT Boot Camp refreshed my memory on things I forgot about or needed more practice on.  The materials and strategies provided were really great.  Cayley M.

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We love making learning easy and fun while empowering your future, one correct answer at a time.