The SAT/ACT Prep course provides each student with a mental tool box of everything they will need to excel on these two very important tests.  The course will cover all areas of both tests.  

Students will: 

•​​learn valuable test taking strategies
•refresh on fundamental concepts in math and grammar
•train their brains to critically think
•strengthen their test taking endurance 
•increase their self confidence

These skills combined have proven hugely successful for students of all levels. The class is hugely interactive, involves gamification, and uses a multitude of learning strategies to engage the participants.  This is not your typical lecture style experience.  Students in our classes look forward to coming and begin to look at the time commitment as an investment rather than an obligation.  They learn the value of "training" to be better test takers similar to how they would train to be better at playing an instrument or a sport.

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FAU High SAT/ACT Course

We will break down all sections of the tests, while teaching students essential test taking strategies.

Days:             Monday/Wednesday

Dates:           11/28 – 12/21  

                      Break (work will be provided over break)  

                      1/9 - 1/18

Time:             6:30pm-8:30pm

Location:      FAUHS/AD Henderson​ Media Center

Cost:              $399

Schools and Organizations:

​    Build a Custom Course ​​

  • Custom SAT and PSAT: National Merit programs 
  • Personal Development Workshops

Our Team  ​Our team is ranked top in the state and has been recognized nationally for their work and the results students have recieved with us.   read more

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Mindworks Prep provides private tutoring in PSAT, SAT, and ACT.   K-12 plus College   read more