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"What a difference Mindworks has made on our daughters scores. She will now have a better chance at getting into the colleges of her choice. And on a personal note, her confidence level has soared!" - Steve A.

"Mindworks worked one-on-one with my son and really helped him boost his SAT score. I'd recommend them to anyone whose child is struggling with test taking." - Mike C.

"My daughters have taken part in both the boot camps as well as private tutoring. The instructors are personable, extremely knowledgeable, and have definitely helped my kids excel! I highly recommend Mindworks Prep!" - Erin M. 

"Great way to prepare for SAT. My son is know in the middle of the process and it really worth to do the extra effort with Mindwork. There is always new things to grasp." - Patrica V.

"Mindworks worked wonders for my son. His SAT scores jumped significantly and so did his confidence! I am so grateful for all the personal attention they gave him. Cheers!"  - Scott K.

"My daughter found that the Boot Camp was incredible. She said the staff were very knowledgeable and gave her great tips. She plans to attend one on one tutoring classes with their instructors, to further boost her score. I would highly recommend this program to all my friends!" - Nicole A.

"They had a great staff, were very knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to help. They tailor the course to the needs of the students and work one on one with the kids who struggle throughout the course. You get what you put in for this course. If you stay attentive and try your best every class you will see improvement in your test scores." - Eliza J. 

"They did a wonderful job with my son. They managed to increase his score by 320 points! great job." - Paul G. 

"The PSAT class has been a wonderful experiencefor my son. His instructor has been so encouraging and the improvement has been substantial not only on practice exam scores but in his attitude towards the exam as well. He looks forward to attending class and enjoys witnessing the fruits of his labor as his score continually increases each week especially in English. He realizes the high stakes now and it has been such a gift for me. I am convinced that the enthusiasm and encouragement by the instructor ignited a fire to improve his score.I am thankful for the kindness and consideration that he received in your class since the summer. He expects his score to improve between 200-300 points over his 2015 score-who knows, maybe he will be a NM finalist." - Melissa J. 

"Thanks for the wonderful opportunity of having my child prepared for the PSAT! All techniques taught really helped him complete his test, and was confident answering all questions given on time !!"  - Isabel L. 

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