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College Prep Series 

Saturday's 9am-12pm

April 2nd - May 28th 

​On The Road To A Bright Future

For many, just the mention of the SAT strikes fear into the hearts of many students. This course is aimed at alleviating some of that stress and giving students the tools to succeed on the SATs. We will break down all four sections of the redesigned test, while teaching
students essential test taking strategies. The course will focus on reviewing the diagnostic of the practice tests, laying the foundations of key SAT subjects and empowering students with a much-needed feeling of preparedness and confidence. 

An insightful 9 week, 27 hour course including 3 practice tests is designed at giving students the skills and strategies to successfully take the SAT and cope with the stress leading up to it. In fact, the SAT curriculum we use is ranked top in the state of Florida and recognized nationwide with score increases of 200-600 points. Sign up now! Register now for only $449 by pressing Buy Now and reserve your spot to this specialized mastery course. 

​​For more information on the course or alternative ways of payment, please contact info@mindworksprep.com or (954) 204-9172.                     

Life Prep Series 

April 4th - May 23rd 

Monday's 7pm-8pm

Getting a Strong Head Start

Being a young adult is not the easiest thing in the world, so becoming the best “you” possible can be tricky…sometimes you just need a little help. This 8-week workshop offers an array of tools to help high school and college students navigate through life, school and work toward a more successful, more productive future, for both themselves and those around them. Through in-depth discussions and interactive group activities, we’ll assist them in becoming the amazing person that is waiting to be unlocked. Hosted by therapists and featuring a special guest, Pro NFL Athlete will speak to the students on relevant  topics engaging them through motivational speech and Q&A session. See topics below. Sign up now!  Reserve your seat for only $199 by clicking Buy Now for this exclusive custom YMCA course. 

• Peers and relationships
• Healthy decision making
• What does it take to be a Champion?
• Meditation 101
• Mental health and dealing with moods
• Getting a job
• Healthy lifestyle
• Healthy nutrition
• Drugs and alcohol
• The importance of getting sleep
• Managing relationship with parents
• Goal setting
• Creating a vision for success

For more information on the course or alternative ways of payment, please contact info@mindworksprep.com or (954) 204-9172.        

Weston YMCA Family Center

20201 Saddle Club Road
Weston, FL 33327 


  • Life Prep Series- Getting a strong head start. What every teen should know!

  • College Prep SAT Series - Increase your score by an average of 200 points and up to 600 points.

  • Private Tutoring - In-person or online with customized material. 

"​Your Education Resourse"

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Weston, FL YMCA

Private Tutoring

Sometimes you just need a helping hand.​​​​

For students who desire a totally personalized approach to preparation, covering SAT, ACT, plus all subjects at a location of their choice that focuses on their specific strengths and weaknesses. Prep according to your schedule, and work through a constantly-evolving study plan, tailored entirely to your progress.  Order your first session here today for two hours for only $160 by pressing Buy Now and begin seeing your scores and grades increase. 

For more information on tutoring services, alternative ways of payment or tutoring packages, please contact info@mindworksprep.com or (954) 204-9172.     ​​​

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  • Custom SAT and PSAT: National Merit programs 
  • Personal Development Workshops