For scholarship questions, please email our Scholarship Department at

We are proud of our partnership with The Mindfund Project Inc., a National Public NonProfit 501c3, which together we are able to provide over $250,000 worth of SAT Prep scholarships to low-income students annually.  Through this funding, awarded students are able to attend our SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS either for free or with a partial payment, which plays a huge impact on their future.  Our SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS cost non-scholarship students between $199-349, so for accepted and approved scholarship student's this fee is covered either completely or partially.  We provide these scholarships because we were once in your shoes and were also given the chance of a bright future. 

If you would like to be considered for a full or partial scholarship for any of our upcoming in-person SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS, please complete the online application, by clicking the link below. This application is to be filled out completely by the student and not their parent, gaurdian or counselor, except for the required signatures. 

Please note, you have to actually be awarded a scholarship to attend the SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS by receiving an email from our Scholarship Coordinator confirming you have been awarded one. Please do not show up just because you have submitted an application without having received an award email from us, our space is very limited. Award letters are typically sent out a week before the SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS. Questions on scholarship applications will only be answered by email at

Scholarships are only available our SAT Boot Camp ESSENTIALS.  

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The Mindfund Project.